Use this combination workout to built muscle, increase stamina, and fight off the bad guys

By J.D.

One of the best ways to get in killer shape is to utilize combination exercises that are designed to not only build strength but to also max out your endurance.

Guys and gals who have been in the stuff for real and have had their lives on the line know that great, big muscles alone are nothing when you tire out in 20 seconds of maximum exertion. Strength is good, of course, but muscles require oxygen and nutrients to function correctly; if your body isn’t used to the exertion required to keep those muscles in motion during intense physical activity, then you’ll quickly deplete both, tire, and fail

At that point, all you’re going to accomplish is to get yourself into a jackpot where you lose your life as well as the lives of others who are depending on you.

I worked up the following combo exercise of combat ropes, box jumps and heavy bag to tax big muscle groups while building the kind of stamina you need to prevent physical failure at exactly the wrong time. Rich and I will be working on more of these in the coming weeks and months, especially as winter approaches because there will be a tendency among many to try and remain “comfy” during workouts just because it’s cold outside.

To hell with that. “Comfy” is for those who are not motivated enough to push themselves to the limit everyday because survival is better than the alternative when it comes to crap hitting the fan.

Granted, no one lives forever. But how well you live depends on how much work you’re willing to put in to train your body to be in its peak performing condition.

Here goes:


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