Pushing vehicles will turbo-charge your cardio-fitness and build mega-muscle

By Dave Draper

My girlfriend started pushing my car after she saw how much bigger and stronger my legs got from pushing trucks. After a few workouts she was hooked. Nothing has ever worked better for reducing body fat in her legs and hips. These are troublesome areas for women. I do not think that it is site specific fat reduction. I think it is a combination of overall reduction in body fatness with a slight increase in lean mass in the legs, thus creating the illusion of localized fat loss.

I would start with a small car with a gross vehicle weight (GVR) of under 3000 pounds. You can find this right on the inside of the driver’s door. As you open it up look on the frame and you should see a sticker with the GVR. Mark off about 70-100 feet and just push the car that distance.

Do not push for speed, at first you want to work on body positioning. Ideally you would form a 45 degree angle between your feet and hands. Since this varies due to a variety of factors, suffice it to say that you want to push with arms straight on the bumper or trunk, head up.

Start by pushing off of both legs, then move one leg on front of the other. You will need someone to steer the car. Just keep the car moving by walking forward until you cover the target distance. Then, walk to the front of the car and lean against it, pushing the car the same distance backwards.

Your partner is allowed to scream motivational words to you.

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