Here’s MORE proof that you can never start a fitness program too soon

By J.D.

Is 40 the new 60? Maybe, if the results of a recent study are accurate.

According to a recent survey of 2,000 British adults, most begin to feel real wear-and-tear on their bodies as early as their mid-forties.

It’s then people begin to hear and feel creaky knees, some deterioration in hearing, and back pain.

Nearly three-in-four respondents also said they feel increased pain in their joints.

“The fact that people are starting to notice their bodies are weakening and aren’t as strong in their thirties is an early indicator that help is needed,” comments Dr Sarah Brewer, medical director for Healthspan, the company that commissioned the survey.

“This can take the form of targeted exercise, dietary changes and taking nutritional supplements such as glucosamine and omega 3s. Looking after your body from a young age can also make the aging process easier.” Brewer noted.

This source reports further:

All in all, nine in 10 respondents say they have at least one body part that just isn’t as strong or effective as it once was. Another eight in 10 say they’ve noticed a steady and certain deterioration in their body, with most of that group believing the decline began around the age of 37-40.

In fact, around their late thirties or early forties, four in 10 respondents admit they started to struggle with kneeling down, and one in five started developing trouble walking up and down stairs.

Fast forward a few years, and by their mid forties, more than 10% of respondents say they started to find it hard to drive for long distances. And 18% started to have issues with opening jars due to wrist pain.

Today, seven in 10 respondents say they have a hard time even getting off the couch, and usually end up making a few grunting noises.

Wow, that seems pretty dismal, huh?

You bet it does. But here’s what’s missing from that study: Any data on how many of the respondents actually engaged any any regular exercise.

Take the joint pain complaint. It was one of the most common. Other studies have shown that physical activity — walking, biking, hiking, swimming and strength training all help alleviate joint point.

At Survival Legion, we’re all about prolonging quality of life.

Our workouts are designed to test you, without a doubt, but also to make you — then keep you — fit. And our videos show it.

We’re not scientists, mind you, but we believe in the old expression that ‘a body in motion stays in motion.’

That means getting up off the couch and engaging in challenging exercises that build strength, muscle, and endurance are the best way to keep the aging process at bay.

So don’t just sit there aging and creaking…get up, get fit, and stay that way with the help of Survival Legion!


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