How Survival Legion got its start

By Rich

Survival Legion co-founder J.D. and I started throwing around ideas for some type of physical training program for others to use around two to three years ago. The only problem was that we were unsure of the form it should take and our target market.

So, flash forward to early April 2019, and J.D. came to me before one of our weekly workouts and just tells me, ‘Hey, we’re doing it, we’re creating a workout program.’

I won’t go into the details, because it took us both awhile and a couple of beers to iron out a few things until we settled on some early, important pieces of our program such as our target community and our branding/logo, which would be the basis for what we should all stand for in the modern sense. 

Firstly, we knew our target audience would have to be those who serve us daily — EMTs and Paramedics, Police, First Responders, Fire and Rescue, Military, and anyone else with that mindset of selfless service and wanting to be ready for anything that could happen around them that would take some level of physicality to prevent and/or react to. This is our way of giving back to those who give of themselves everyday, selflessly, bravely, and heroically.

Secondly, we wanted a symbol/organization to stand behind that was powerful in a historic sense and stood for organization, service and strength. Of course, Sparta came to our minds initially, but everyone uses something ‘Sparta’ or ‘Spartan’ to sell products and services these days.

Instead, we chose the Roman Legions as our symbol. They have tons of history, a long lineage of being the best military organization in the ancient world and, after a little research, we found that they were some of the physically toughest soldiers on the planet. And of course, the Roman society that supported the military was no pushover, either.

So, now you know that we aren’t branding ourselves based on the ‘zombie apocalypse,’ although I’m sure after our training program we’ll all be a little more prepared for the zombies if they do happen to come. 

As we started to build out content from scratch, I started to pay attention to how I looked in the pictures and videos. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with what I saw and started working harder and eating better so I would look credible to the audience we want to serve (and feel better!).

The results so far leads to my own endorsement and testament that the types of workouts we are creating are effective and efficient as they don’t require a ton of time and equipment to complete and yield results that make a difference in real athletic and physical performance.

They are also meant to be completed in small groups of 2-6 people, to improve performance through camaraderie. It’s always easier to push a little harder and run a little faster with someone there to encourage you to move past the inconvenience, ignore the uncomfortable, and push through aches.

That being said, get into a workout and let us know what works, what doesn’t and what we can improve upon. This is not a set-in-stone program and unlike some people with other training regimens, we will never claim to know everything. We will continue to work towards increasing our group following through strength and camaraderie that make our routines fun, informative, and best of all, productive. We are results-oriented — just like many of you are when you’re operating in the field or on the streets.  

Finally, I want to point out the most important factor we want to build from these workouts and physical programming: The strength of the mind created by doing things that are physically difficult.

Physically difficult activities build a mindset that can’t be found from reading a book or taught in a classroom by the best professor in the world. You have to lace up your shoes, spit on your hands and put in the work. It takes a certain level of pain and suffering to gain a tougher mindset and that also leads to a better self esteem/confidence level.

It will work, so stick with us through this journey and remember that on your toughest days, we are here for and with you, grinding it out, through this journey of life and yes, even on those days were we don’t want to suffer physically, we are there, putting in the work of and for Survival Legion, not for us, but for all of those that want to get better with us. 

Thanks and keep checking out our social media pages, website and of course our workouts. Feedback is always appreciated and welcome. 

Rich is a former U.S. Army infantryman and member of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The “Old Guard”) who responded to the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, as our nation was attacked by international terrorists. He is co-founder of Survival Legion, a vet-owned company that stresses functional fitness and draws it’s uniqueness from the Roman Legions.

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